Welcome to the Intuitive Painting Studio

“Just this once, let it be easy.”

– Cynthia Lord

Welcome to the Intuitive Painting Studio!

The Intuitive Painting Studio is my subscription membership on Instagram. You can subscribe and gain access to two painting lessons a month plus the archives, and stories from the studio, and have more access to me and my art practice. I’ve been having a lot of fun creating lessons about how to make art a sacred practice there. Learn how to paint your own painting meditations, and sacred circle meditations, and of course, we will be painting florals, and so much more.

I thought it would be fun to take those lessons and highlight them here on the blog.

Here I will share little tidbits from the lessons to inspire you to create your own sacred art practice.

If you are interested in subscribing, head over to Instagram on your phone and hit the Subscribe button on my profile page.

This lesson is about keeping it simple and painting a monotone floral. I love painting monotone florals because it takes away the pressure of figuring out what the colors should be. I can put my energy into the shapes and flow of the painting. I paint intuitively and try to move around the painting and see what flows out. The more I let go, the faster I move into the flow state. I paint standing up and I expand my energy out onto the paper. I paint quickly, I put down color and then I take it away with water. I play and let the materials do the work for me and see what happens. As the painting expands, I start to slow down. I reduce my energy and feel a wave of calm come over me. Every painting is different, the flow, the energy, the expression. I love this process.

Color Story

This palette brings me into the feel of deep winter nights.

Spiritual Creative Tools

Tools to enrich your sacred art practice

These are some of the Spiritual Creative Tools I used in the lesson.


I created Make Art a Sacred Practice to help you connect to your art practice in a new way. 

It’s not about the finished painting, it’s about feeling your way through the process. It’s about slipping into the flow state and connecting with your higher self while painting. It will help you to remove the angst and worry and just create. If you remove your attachment to the outcome and just create, the energy will change and magical things will happen.

Remember, this is a process. Every day will be different and you will always be working through challenges and emotional states during your practice. This is normal life. 

If I make it look easy, it’s not, but the journey is amazing.


I hope these little splashes of inspiration are able to let you flow with your current sacred art & writing practices. Comment below and let me know what came up…

Be well, and big hugs,


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