Welcome Sacred Painters

This is our space to grow together

I wanted to create a space where I can slow down and feel at ease while sharing. My intention is that the healing energy that I infuse into this space will pass on to you.

Think of it as distance healing through art, words, images, and magic.

As I sit here typing, I am reminded of my beginnings. It all really started with a blog back in 2006. I had no idea who I was as an artist. I spent years creating with my hands as a dollmaker, I attended art school and fell in love with digital art through Illustrator and Photoshop, and dabbled with painting in a realistic style, but I didn’t have a style or a sense of purpose with my art. At the time, I was still dealing with Lyme disease and its aftermath 6 years later. I was depressed and longing for a purpose. That is when I discovered blogging and a world of art and expression opened before me. I remember finding these magical blogs by artists like Kelly Rae Roberts and Susannah Conway and was in awe of what they were doing. I decided to start my own blog, which is funny because I had never written anything really, and had no art to share. I only had a calling or what I like to refer to as the gentle whispers to create it.

I thought that I could write about other artists that inspired me and see where it led. The blog turned into a personal journal about my struggles, illness, and search for art. It opened up doors within me and began the slow and steady road to creating art that resonated with how I feel. It took a while, but I got there.

Here are some of my early pieces of art and products with Lenox, Moda, Madison Park Greetings, and Studio M. I believe this is from around 2012-2013. My work has evolved since those early days. Art is a constant evolution. It changes as you grow and I’ve grown a lot since then.

It feels good to be back at my beginnings and I’m feeling inspired by this form of connection. It’s a nod to the days of the past that were slow lived and we took our time with things.



Introduce yourself in the comments, and let me know if there is anything that you would be interested in reading about.

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