Let Yourself Play

“Play is the highest form of


— Albert Einstein

For this video I decided to paint circles. This is a lesson that I teach in Intuitive Watercolor Florals. I decided to simplify it and show that you can create a fun painting just by playing with circles. Get lost in the process of play, and wash your anxiety away, one little circle at a time.

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Let it serve as a reminder that through playing, you will be shown the way.

This lesson, is a simple one. Don’t think, just play. Let the materials do the work for you. Make circles how ever you’d like. Big ones, small ones; get lost in the process and use lots of water. See what happens when you drip water into a circle, or use a lot of paint in one circle and barely any in another. Feel the brush on the paper as you paint, and engage all your senses. Let go of the outcome and just paint simple circles. Release the tension in your body, let your mind be still and focused on the present moment of brush on paper, water flowing, and circles appearing. 

Enjoy, my friends. 

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I hope these little splashes of inspiration are able to let you flow with your current sacred art & writing practices. Hit reply and let me know what came up…

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