Finding Balance

“Balance is not something you find,

it’s something you create.”

— Unknown

The inspiration for this video came to me in an intuitive flash, like many of my paintings. I saw cups all tipping to the sides and thought about what it would be like to paint balance. Then another hit of insight, how it could relate to the four pillars of health, wealth, relationships, and spirituality. I became excited about the idea and thought it would be a great lesson to share on YouTube! So, I set out to figure out the details and started producing the video. It’s a different kind of lesson for me to teach, and I’m super curious to know what you think.


There are four pillars of health, wealth, relationships, and spirituality. They are standard for measuring holistic well-being and personal growth. Each of the pillars contributes to our overall happiness and fulfillment. They are all connected with each other, and if one pillar is out of balance, the others can be affected as well. The goal is to find balance, the best that you can in each. Not easy, I know.

Balance is not a static state, but a continuous process of
adjustment and growth.
There is a free Mantra download available with this video over on YouTube!

For this painting exercise, I thought it would be fun to paint cup shapes as scales and intuitively paint how we feel in each pillar. By taking an intuitive approach, we can gain an understanding of our well-being and identify areas that may need a little extra care.

I hope you enjoy this lesson.

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I hope these little splashes of inspiration are able to let you flow with your current sacred art & writing practices. Hit reply and let me know what came up…

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